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Mayfest 2012

Milstein and Barnes Halls, Cornell University

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Event Description

Mayfest, Cornell University's international chamber music festival, celebrates its fifth year!  We have invited violinist Xiao-Dong Wang, violist Katherine Murdock, and cellist Zvi Plesser back to Ithaca, and we welcome the arrival of Cornell’s new faculty violinist, Ariana Kim.  The festival opens with a Sunday afternoon concert in the spectacular new Milstein Hall, complete with food and wine, and then we move to Barnes Hall for the remaining three evenings. 

In addition to three chamber concerts, we offer a recital celebrating three generations of Cornell pianists—Malcolm Bilson, Miri Yampolsky, and Andrew Zhou.  The offerings range from J. S. Bach’s great D-Minor Keyboard Concerto to Shostakovich’s Second Piano Trio, and from Brahms’ epic A-Major Piano Quartet to a new work for violin and pre-recorded sounds by Christopher Stark. 

We hope you will again join us for this annual musical feast!  Visit for complete program information as well as artist biographies.

Map of Event Location
May 20th, 2012  3:00 pmMay 23rd, 2012  8:00 pm